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Join Arundel Athletic Boosters Today!

The Arundel Athletic Boosters is a service-driven organization focused on supporting the Arundel Athletic Department, the student athletes at Arundel High School, parents, coaches, Arundel High School administration, as well as the rest of the students at Arundel, teachers and the Gambrills/Odenton community.

Unlike a lot of other high schools in the county, we do not have unreasonable multi-tiered membership levels as we want participation from as many people as possible and know that some of the tiered memberships end up being intimidating.

Arundel Wildcats Cameron Chewning and Ryan Sedgwick try on their new letter jackets at pick up day!

We want people involved! Our board feels strongly that if enough people are a part of the Boosters organization, we will grow stronger and have a positive impact on our student athletes and our Arundel community!

In addition to membership, what we really need are volunteers!!! Our organization runs primarily with a group of seven people and we need many more individuals to join our team. Seriously – we’re getting tired!! 🙂 We love volunteering and we have a good time, but we need YOU to come help! You don’t have to commit to a ton of time, we’ll take as much or as little as you can give.

Our membership fee has not increased in four years!

For $25 per year, your family can have a membership for the Arundel Athletic Boosters.

What does your membership pay for? We use funds from our membership drive to purchase items for teams and to make improvements to our facilities. It changes every year. There are some items, which do stay the same!



Some of the items made possible through memberships and sponsorships include:

  • Provide Senior Banners to each senior student athlete for all varsity and unified sports, as well as Dance Company. Since beginning program in 2017, Boosters has organized and delivered senior banners for senior nights to more than 600 student athletes, saving parents more than $30,000 over the course of two school years with our ability to buy in bulk and negotiate substantially better pricing!
  • Present teams with concession fundraising opportunities (through special tournaments) totally more than $5,000 back to team funds during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Purchased football team necessary equipment improvement of a 32 ft. trap chute ($2,600) – July 2018.
  • Provided necessary funding to complete Carroll Field scoreboard upgrade ($6,000) – August 2018.
  • Four scholarships to our senior student athletes annually ($3,000 annually) – May 2018.
    • 2017 Scholarship Recipients:
      • Megan Ronan – $1,000, St. Mary’s College, MD
      • Tessa Rendina – $500, Susquehanna University, PA
      • Keegan O’Donnell – $1,000, Salsbury University, MD
      • Cole Buehner – $500, Virginia Tech, VA
    • 2018 Scholarship Recipients: May 2017.
      • Abby Barnett – $1,000, Virginia Tech, VA
      •  Sarah Berry – $500, University of Tennessee, TN
      • Matt Hagermann – $1,000, University of Maryland College Park, MD
      • Erik Ranck – $500, York College, PA
  • Sponsor of Arundel Homecoming Parade and Block Party ($1,500); Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018
  • Host of #ArundelMovieNight and Food Truck event to welcome students and community back to school and to kick off the fall athletic season in its FOURTH YEAR! ($2,200); SAVE THE DATE – Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018.
  • Host end-of-year coaches reception to thank coaches for their dedication to the Arundel Athletic Department and to the more than 1,200 Arundel student athletes.
  • Annual equipment improvements/maintenance in the concession stand at Carroll Field ($5,000).
  • Work with athletic department to design and bring back letter jackets to Arundel and organized sale; and much more!
  • Provide news and information, photos and scores via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please consider joining the Arundel Athletic Boosters. Without your contribution, we aren’t able to provide our student athletes, teams and athletic department with the above items. If you are paying by PayPal, please be sure to include your address so we can mail your membership card.