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During the summer of 2015, our board met and decided to do something different. We wanted change in our organization. We wanted to get away from being an group that only provided money for projects and focus more on service.

What does this have to do with membership? To start, we’ve done away with membership levels and now have just one level that more people can afford!Being service-driven, we also want to get as many families and members of our community interested and a part of our mission.

Arundel Wildcats Cameron Chewning and Ryan Sedgwick try on their new letter jackets at pick up day in February 2016.

We want people involved! Our board feels strongly that if enough people are a part of boosters, we will grow stronger and have a positive impact on our student athletes and our Arundel community!

For $25 per year, your family can have a membership for the Arundel Athletic Boosters!

What does your membership pay for? We use funds from our membership drive to purchase items for teams and to make improvements to our facilities. It changes every year.

Arundel Principal Gina Davenport, as well as Allison Mikeska, Kevin Carr and Greg Ryan, prepare to get bombarded with pies at the Homecoming Block Party in October 2015.






During the 2015-16 school year, some of the accomplishments made possible through memberships and sponsorships included:

  • Upgraded the trails for our Cross Country team ($3,200);
  • Purchased new kettleballs in a variety of weight classes for the Arundel weight training area. This donation benefits all of our teams, as well as any Arundel student who takes a weight training class with Coach Walsh. Now the weight room also has a large number of kettleballs for our female athletes! ($4,000);
  • Improvements to the equipment in the concession stand at Carroll Field ($5,000);
  • Four scholarships to our senior student athletes ($3,000);
  • Sponsor of Arundel Homecoming Parade and Block Party ($1,500);
  • Host of #ArundelMovieNight and Food Truck event to welcome students and community back to school and to kick off the fall athletic season ($2,200);
  • Partnered with Nando’s PERi-PERi to provide more than 1,000 student athletes free team-bonding dinners throughout the year;
  • Hosted end-of-year coaches reception ($500);
  • Worked with athletic department to design and bring back letter jackets to Arundel and organized sale; and much more!
  • Provide news and information, photos and scores via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Arundel Athletic Boosters

    If you are paying by PayPal, please print off the attached application, complete it and mail to PO Box 4225, Crofton, MD 21114. Please indicate in the payment section the date of your PayPal transaction. Boosters Membership Form – 2016

    Thank you to our booster membership and supporters for 2015-16!

    Shane and Amy Adkins
    Melissa Auberzinski
    Charlie and Michele Barnett
    Don Basilio
    Laura Bates (Burgess)
    Darin and Jaycee Booth
    Anthony Beutler
    The Clark Family
    Tara Clark (Turner)
    Emily Clemens
    Buffy Craft
    Candace Crehan
    Shelly Cronk
    Terri Curtis
    Mary-Beth Davis
    Tatsuko and Charlies Davis
    Dominic DePetris
    Catherine Dixon
    Benjamin Eng and Jing Wang
    Angelo and Cathy Ferrari
    The Galasso Family
    Nick and Karen Grande
    Beth Green
    Candice Guevara (Hood)
    Anthony and Alana Harris
    Kimberly Head
    William Hensley
    Cheryl Hinely
    Tammi Holihan
    Lynnette Holmes
    Robert Hunter
    Ada Jones
    Greg and Judith Keeler
    Teresa and Chris Keith
    Melanie Keller
    Melanie and Steve Koorey
    Karen Leavy
    Carmela and Rip Loomis
    The Mandell Family
    Tammie and Craig Mason
    The McElhaney Family
    Jim and Virginia Meehan
    Patrick and Dawn Mitchell
    Stacey Montagne
    Lynette Brooks-Oliver
    Pamela Orosz
    The Ouellette Family
    Michelle Pena
    Cindy Pique
    Gus and Denise Pollak
    The Puhl Family
    Kate Reefe (Nelson)
    Pete and Becky Rendina
    Kevin and Joan Renner
    The Robinson Family
    The Roney Family
    Teresa Roy
    Julianne Russell
    Fred and Linda Sayan
    Debra Schmidt
    Dawn Sealza
    Rich and Susan Sedgwick
    Khaleen Shabazz
    Jenn Sisk-Marshall
    Debbie Smolen
    Tim Snidow
    Tammy Taschenberger
    Bert and Jenn Taylor
    Keith and Cheryl Tydings
    Cindy Uhlich
    Carole Walker
    Susan Wallace
    Karen Wilson
    Chris and Kim Wirt
    Gloria and Paul Young

    Thanks also to those families who have donated but choose to remain anonymous.