This is a LENGTHY, but important, update to the Winter season. Currently, Arundel has their “FALL SEMESTER OUT-OF-SEASON WORKOUTS” registration open on FamilyID. We will be closing/canceling that registration process as we transition into the MPSSAA Season. Originally, AACPS planned three FALL SEMESTER Out-of-Season workouts (Fall is complete and Spring is currently virtual) for athletes to return to action. With the change in date of the MPSSAA Season, Arundel will be closing the open registration and creating a NEW registration process. We are required to have a separate registration for both OUT-OF-SEASON Workouts AND MPSSAA Seasons for each sport. This would require a three-sport athlete to register SIX times this year. We understand that this is an inconvenience but we are required to do this for tracking purposes…etc.

With the Winter MPSSAA Season being moved to December 7, 2020, it brings news from AACPS as well. This information can be found below as well as on their official AACPS website found here:

Please understand, we want to be as transparent as possible. With COVID Metrics steadily rising in AACo, we anticipate starting our Winter MPSSAA Season Virtually. Here is the communication from the Office of Athletics at AACPS:

With that being said, if you plan to participate in the Winter Season at Arundel, you/your student-athlete will need to be registered on FamilyID by visiting the following link:

For anyone having trouble registering, please use this article to help you through it:

Please understand that even though you might have registered for a season of OUT-OF-SEASON Workouts, you will STILL need to register for the MPSSAA Season. Also, you will be required to have a physical uploaded to the FamilyID registration before attending any in-person practices. You will be able to attend the VIRTUAL PRACTICES without the physical but cannot move to the in-person practices without it. You can find the physical form here:

We realize that this is an inconvenience for some people. Please reach out to the winter coach for your sport for more information about this process and their expectations. The list of coaches can be found here:

Please remember, we are working with the County Health Department and the Board of Education to safely return these student-athletes to their playing surface. We anticipate starting the season virtually and moving to in-person practice when it is safe to do so on a county level.