Multiple Teams · Arundel Athletics: Clarification of Seasons

#WILDCATNATION we are close to bringing athletics back to campus. #ArundelAthletics has received many questions in the past week so we feel the need to put out an article clarifying as much as possible. Here is a LENGTHY rundown of information for you and your family as we prepare for the return:

The difference between Fall and Spring Semester Athletics:

Fall Semester Out-of-Season Sessions are 4-week sessions focused on bringing Athletes back to campus. The focal point of these sessions is allowing student-athletes to gain the social-emotional support from Coaches that they’ve been missing since March. Local school systems were granted to do these out-of-season workouts this year for the first time due to the prolonged absence from sports. The sessions are out-of-season workouts that allow sport-specific instruction. While coaches are working with these athletes, the main goal is participation, not competition. The session order will be Fall from October 19-November 14, then Spring from November 16-December 19, then Winter from January 4-January 30. These sessions could be altered if the MPSSAA moves the start of the competitive seasons.

The Spring Semester MPSSAA Competitive season will be 6-9 week seasons with competition against other schools. These will be three competitive seasons back-to-back-to-back. The plan is for these to be seasons where there will be cuts like we would normally have, and there will be games against other schools. The focus of this semester would be competition. The competitive seasons would be Winter, then Fall, then Spring in that order.

These two seasons are independent of one another. In the fall semester, our goal is to bring student-athletes back onto campus and help them gain a sense of normalcy and support the student-athletes through this tough time. These workouts are 100% voluntary and have no impact if a student-athlete makes the team during the Spring Semester other than being in better shape than they started.

Registration for the Fall Semester and Spring Semester:

Each Fall Semester “Season” has its own registration. Each student-athlete will need to visit FamilyID and register for the Out-of-Season Session(s). Here are the links:

Arundel opened our fall registration in June and we currently have over 300+ registered. Instead of taking this down and creating a “Fall Semester FALL Out-of-Season Sessions” registration, we kept our original registration open. FamilyID will not allow us to change the name so please understand that the link above will take you to the registration page even though it says “Fall Athletic Registration” and not “Out-of-Season Sessions” like the other links.

  • Student-athletes need to register by Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 5:00 PM.
  • Student-athletes not registered by the close of FamilyID registration on 10/15/20 at 5:00 PM cannot attend the sessions.
  • FamilyID will not be reopened. This is a county mandate that it closes at 5:00 PM across AACPS
  • Student-athletes CAN upload their physical AFTER 10/15/20 if they are registered. Physicals need to be uploaded before attending workouts.
  • We are not allowed to waive the required physical. This is especially important right now dealing with the pandemic.
  • If you need help working through the registration process, please use this link to help you:
    • Lastly, if you registered in June, you should have gotten an email from the athletic department asking you to update your registration due to a COVID-19 Awareness agreement that was added. Please check your registration at this time!

When we receive guidance from the MPSSAA, we will open our registration for the competitive seasons. Student-athletes will need to register for each sport that they plan to play (Example: A Three-sport athlete would need to register for Fall, Spring, and Winter out-of-season sessions and then again in the spring for the competitive seasons).


Framework- AACPS Athletics looks forward to offering participation opportunities, a sense of school-community engagement, and social-emotional support to student-athletes across the county this semester. After more than six months since spring season practices and scrimmages abruptly ended last March, we are honored to safely re-engage with staff and students, both on our campuses and virtually. We are transitioning to a return to high school athletics in a way that may not feel “normal,” but that excites us to move forward. We will be following MPSSAA approved “out-of-season” procedures and protocols that have been vetted by the Anne Arundel County Department of Health. We want to be clear that there is no pressure for anyone to participate in these sessions. Participation in our fall semester plans is voluntary and independent of the MPSSAA-sponsored, competitive seasons. We look forward to safely welcoming students back to AACPS Athletics!

  • Points of Emphasis = Participation, School-Community Engagement, and Social-Emotional Support.
  • The goal of the in-person sessions is to create safe, sport-specific, “practice-like” environments with conditioning and drills/activities. No games or contests will be held.
  • The goal of the virtual sessions is to further support students through team building, sport-specific teaching/analysis, and mental and physical health activities that can be accomplished at home.
  • Our county schedule is structured such that all 23 sports will be given an opportunity to participate.
  • Sports will be grouped based on traditional seasons, starting with fall, then spring, then winter.
  • In alignment with the county plan, each school will create their own plan and schedule based on registration numbers, staffing, and facilities.
  • For in-person sessions:
    • Groups will be limited to 50 people and kept together.
    • Attendance and tracking will follow a health department approved process.
    • Everyone involved will maintain a social distance of least 6 feet whenever feasible.
    • Everyone involved will wear masks whenever they are not engaged in physical exertion.
    • Everyone will bring their own water bottles, towels, and equipment whenever feasible.
    • Every attempt will be made to minimize the need for sharing equipment. Any equipment that is shared will be sanitized between use by different groups.
    • Parents, guardians, and/or fans will not be allowed to congregate at the practice sites. They are asked to stay in their vehicles while waiting for student-athletes.
    • Intrasquad scrimmages (within groups) may occur but scrimmages between schools will not occur at this time.
  • In the event of a positive COVID-19 case, AACPS will follow a set of protocols and procedures vetted and approved by the Anne Arundel County Department of Health.


  • Fall Sports = October 19th through November 14th
    • Registration open NOW and closes at 5 pm October 15th
  • Spring Sports = November 16th through December 19th
    • Registration open NOW and closes at 5 pm on November 12th
  • Winter Sports = January 4th through January 30th
    • Registration open NOW and closes at 5 pm on December 22nd
  • Note: In the event these plans are impacted by the MPSSAA competitive seasons we will modify and adjust accordingly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Woods at