Wildcats News · 2020 Registration is open!

Attention Arundel Athletic Family!

Our Registration season has begun for the 2020-2021 school year. If you need help with registering your student-athlete, please see the attached file named Arundel FamilyID Instructions. This will allow you a Step-by-Step walkthrough when it comes to registering the student-athlete. It is imperative that you use a valid email address during the process as FamilyID will ask you to verify your email and the Athletic Department will be sending out emails to parents!

Arundel FamilyID Instructions

You will also need a physical. The physical must take place after June 1, 2020, and be signed by the athlete, a parent, and a physician. This can be uploaded to FamilyID registration. If you aren’t scanning the document, please make sure that you’ve taken a CLEAR photo of the physical.

If you need the physical form, please go to the MORE tab and click on the text that says “Physical Form” on this website and download the form. You can also visit FamilyID.com by clicking on the Registration tab.

REMEMBER: Student-Athletes cannot step foot onto the field without being registered on FamilyID.com and submitting a VALID physical. Check for an email from the Athletic Director OR go to FamilyID to see if you have been cleared by the Arundel Athletic Department!