Wildcats News · Arundel High School Announces 2019 Sportsmanship and Service Award Winners

Arundel High School is proud to announce that this year’s recipients of the Craig White Sportsmanship and Service awards are Boys and Girls Tennis and Boys and Girls Swimming respectively.  Below is a brief description of the many actions that these teams performed in earning this recognition.  These awards are given annually in honor of Old Mill High School’s late Athletic Director Craig White.  The teams are selected based on their actions throughout the school year.  As always this was a very difficult decision as we have many deserving teams. Congratulations to the members of both teams as we are very proud of your efforts!


COACHES NAME: Barbara Linke


The Arundel tennis team played with an infectious enthusiasm that spread throughout not only their own program, but also the entire Arundel community.  They showed tremendous respect to all opponents while also performing at an extremely high level.  They always demonstrate a true respect for both the game and their opponents.  They are a model of sportsmanship in which all Arundel teams should strive to become going forward!  Congratulations to Coach Linke and the entire Arundel Tennis community for this much deserved recognition.

SERVICE AWARD WINNING TEAM: Boys and Girls Swimming 

COACHES NAME: Melanie Hamilton


Arundel High Schools boys and girls swim team did an outstanding job raising more than $2000 for the “Swim Across America” campaign this winter.  This campaign raised funds for cancer research projects across the country.  Our boys’ and girls’ swimmers embraced this project and worked extremely hard to raise this amazing amount of money.  We are very proud of all their efforts and happy to recognize them with this prestigious award!