Wildcats News · Celebrating the 1st Members of the “Triple A” Squad

Congratulations to the 1st members of the “Triple A” squad at Arundel High School.  Each of the students listed below participated and earned varsity letters in each of our three sports seasons.  We are extremely proud of these Wildcats for their commitment and dedications to our athletic program.  The students listed should see Coach Necessary to receive their official ‘Triple A” Under Armour shirts!

12th Grade

  • Abby Barnett
  • Alexis Benedetto
  • Rachel Dixon
  • Allison Keller
  • Shelia Lewis
  • Kyla Hall
  • Marcus Abrhams
  • Robert Holler
  • Travis McKenry
  • Terrance Scales
  • Nathaniel Soto
  • Parker Watts
  • Zorion Wiley
  • Robert Holler

11th Grade

  • Alexandra Mitchell
  • Jacob Matrese
  • Jacob Molina
  • Caleb Rich

10th Grade

  • Kathleen Bevan
  • Annah Krol
  • Niya Torres
  • Abrielle Scrivner
  • Lianna Lincoln
  • Karleigh Webb
  • Bell Weyand
  • Laila Denning
  • Munawar Ahmad
  • Ethan Binkley
  • Spencer Hanks
  • Taha Jazza
  • Tanner Pietrowski
  • Conner Stewart

9th Grade

  • Brooke Watts
  • Nikki Seven
  • Sabrina Teasley
  • Tyrone Haskins
  • William McDougall