Wildcats News · Arundel’s Ticket Booth Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Friday April 27th, Arundel High School proudly honored senior Abby Barnett at the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new ticket booth.  Abby completed took on this massive project in order to earn the prestigious “Gold Award” from the Girl Scouts of America.  She was responsible to completely manage the fundraising, planning, permitting, and construction of this beautiful addition to our facility.  This project began in March of 2017, and through all that time Abby has stayed persistent and diligent into making this idea come to life.  The Arundel community thanks Abby for this remarkable accomplishment and will forever remember the contributions that she has made to school community.  This project would not have been possible without the specific help of all of our sponsors including: Nicholson Masonry, ClearEdge IT, Ocean Riders Enigineerig, Flash Technology, Resolute Technologies, IntelliGenesis, and Wave Strike.